Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to enjoy your choc cuppies

Looks like the phrase “ sehingga menjilat jari ( finger licking good )” doesn’t just apply to K*C, hihi.. it also applies to Zue's Oven chocolate cupcakes with ganache, if I may so say , don't they just love chocolates, hey, not just kids you know, for; me,myself and I , am also a chocoholics! Always have something, like KitKat, or Ritter Sport in my drawer at the office. There's one particular cake sold at one of the cake shops which I really love , I mean, reaaally love and I've been trying to create something which taste somewhat similar, I know that there's chocolate mousse somewhere in the cake, probably layered with choc sponge cake, anyway, I might try it today and I'm going to use the new heart shape baking mould which I bought yesterday . Tomorrow is you know what day but we are not really celebrating it but just want to make it as a welcome home cake for my hubby who is coming back home from his outstation trip. It's just a thot,

and this is how you enjoy your choc cuppies hmmm...yummy... a picture speaks a thousand words.......

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