Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chocolate curls for Mak

A thoughtful and loving daughter's request for her mother's birthday, she wanted lots of chocolate curls . I couldn't get the strawberries like the one in the picture that she showed me, so instead of strawberries i made roses instead. Actually I wanted it to be very bright red, but it didnt come out as bright as I wanted, hope she likes it .
the leaves and the curls,
The three roses ( symbolises " I Love You ") using buttercream ,"Ma, where did you get the roses from?", hubby asked me. " I made it myself", proudly I said to him. As amazed as he was , not as amazed as I am cos I never knew that I could do this, but I still have lots to learn, this is very new to me. If I have the opportunity, would love to attend one of those classes, learning is a never ending experience, there are always new things to be discovered

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