Thursday, February 5, 2009

something smells fishy

It's 7.30 am and I smell something fishy......yes of course, it's me, I don't just smell of fish but prawns and squids too. Just got back from Billingsgate...oops wrong place, Pasar Saudagar2, the morning fish market where we normally go to if we want to stock up our fridge . "Ma, jom pi pasar beli ikan", my hubby waking me up at 4.30 am this morning. " Ok" was all I could mutter and I got up , went to the toilet, brushed my teeth, changed into something suitable and appropriate to go to the market, sprayed some K*nzo Flower perfume which was later overcome by the fish smell....After getting our prawns, squids, ikan kembong, ikan kerisi, ikan dunno what it's name but very nice, ikan gerut2, 2 chickens , one tray of eggs, some veggies and santan, we sat down for roti telur and roti bom with milo tarik and teh o panas. Off we went back home where the task of cleaning the fish awaits me and it took me close to one hour to clean and pack them individually in plastic bags and stored them in my freezer. guess it's time for me to hit the shower and probably going to the other market to get myself some bananas for me banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. ( that's right, there were no bananas at the earlier market) I'll load some of the other cakes photos later when I'm smelling nicer...hihi..

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