Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quotes from Colourful Friends

the "purple " colour friend. Colour of the Noble ones, will help us learn true authority and wisdom of heart

"Yellow" colour Friend. Colour of the Sun. Friend who makes us laugh, and show usthe star when we are sad.

"red" colour friend, one who reminds us the rules in life, but encourages us to change, with warm loving words.
Quotes from the e-mail

another passion of mine is drawing, basically cartoon drawing. When I was young ( am I that old now? ) I like to draw the characters from the BEANO comic, from Roger the Dodger to the Bash Street Kids teacher to his students cos I can't really draw or paint potraits. Here are a few that I drew from an e-mail that I receive from my friend in JB. I'm sending these colourful friends back to her via my drawings.When will we see each other again Zai? It's been....more than 20 years? Wow! Has it been that long?

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