Tuesday, February 17, 2009

another PPG

One chocolate cake with Power Puff Girls ( the girls are a bit tanned, supposedly had been sunbathing somewhere ( actually the colour didn't come out the way I wanted it ) and 50 pcs of chocolate cupcakes to be shared with classmates.

Fatimah Az-Zahra is seven today and mummy dearest asked me to make this PPG cakes and cupcakes for her youngest daughter. I really love that name. It's beautiful. I hope you like this PPG


  1. salam zue,
    minat tengok ppg tu. price dia mcm mana ya? untuk cupcake dan cake coklat tu sekali. kalau untuk cheesecake yg tak bakar ada buat tak?

  2. Salam back to you Pink. thanx for dropping by. PPG is my first cartoon character on big birthday cakes. I first did it for my daughter and this one is for my friend's daughter. Nanti Zue akan list down all the prices, still struggling with this blog thingy, you can e-mail me and I can quote u the price. cheesecake tak bakar ada buat jugak, Chilled cheesecake is Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake and it is a hit among my friends and my friends' friends', nak cuba?

  3. i emailed you weeks ago but no answer :)

  4. Hai again Pink! Finally, tried more than three times yesterday to reply to your comment tapi tak leh send, dunno why but I did reply your e-mail, cari2 balik, ada pun, sorry about that.u can always call me or sms me or -email whichever is convenient to you.