Sunday, May 30, 2010

terubat rindu...

Salam and hye to everyone who took the time to browse thru my blog.
just got back from home, my hometown to visit my parents. As usual, our visit was very brief. Left our house in Alor Star at around 11.30 am yesterday and by today, about 3.30 pm, we are already back at our own home, sweet home.

though brief, but meaningful, just want to see how abah and Umi are doing.Abah not as strong as before, now he has to walk with an aide of a tongkat. Umi as lincah and as active as usual but a little bit more tired, probably because of looking after her grandchildren, my nieces. Grandparents had to do what they had to do.....

Being away less than 48 hours from my oven and spatulas,going to get a good rest tonite, though I doubt it, laundry to do.... and tomorrow morning, I would start making the chocolate chip cookies for the nest day order.

We'll see you again abah and Umi,Zue dokan yang terbaik untuk abah dan Umi, diberi kesihatan yangbaik sentiasa, dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.Amin.

probably updating a few photos of my creations the day before I left for Kelantan.

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  1. salam k.jue...

    apa khabar?
    btw, ada ambik gambar dgn abah umi tak?