Sunday, May 16, 2010

pink rose pintal on oreo

is this Zue's Oven?
yes.....the one and only!
I am the dinasour guy, remember... the other day.....( not the exact words said......)
how can I forget, my first dinasour , but I didn't meet Mr Dino in person, just the sweet Mrs Dino.
My wife would like to try the oreo chocolate cheesecake and since her birthday is coming soon, I'd like to surprise her with this cheesecake.
okay, problem
to surprise problem too,
but, to deco oreo cantik-cantik.....hmmmmm, a slight problem......

a delicate and sensitive cheesecake, because it is chilled and not baked. but how can I refuse such a request, here is a guy who wished to make something nice and sweet and beautiful for the love of his life, and here I am, thinking how am i going to do just that, to convey the message to her, to show how much he loves her, how much she means to her, how much he cares for her

If I haven't told you that you are a good guy,
you are,
if I haven't told you that I have fogiven you
I have
If I haven't told you that I love you,
I do....
( from the movie "Fireproof.....something.... I can't remember the whole title)

these words are so beautifully and heartwarmingly phrased by a wife to her husband who had been trying to woo her back after mistreating her for seven years using his father's advise thru "the Love Dare" and it made her realise how much he still loves her and the marriage is worth saving and they would start all over again.
Of course this story has nothing to do with this entry, I had just remembered the words and they are so beautiful that I had to write it down here.

What's her favourite colour?

here's one pink teddy, quite awhile , lama tak buat teddy.
Mama, Batisya nak buat teddy jugak . I went upstairs to check on something and when I came back down,

aaaaahhhhhh, soooo ciut...... it is my turn to utter this so familiar phrase which normally comes from my daughter , Batrisyia's mouth everytime she sees my work.

just look at that, so tiny and so cute, next to my teddy, all her own work, she did everything with her two hands except for the eyes, she asked me to do the eyes for the litte teddy

She likes pink, so I tried to put as much pink in my deco , be it on the cake and also on the flowers for the box.
The Doctor came to collect this pink deco oreo chocolate cheesecake in the evening, he'd like to surprise her at 12 midnite that night.
I wanted to call nd wish her Happy birthday but that would spoil the surprise, so I didn't.The next morning, I received this sms:
"kak zueee!! kak zue tlh brsekongkol ye...sedap cake tu...tq:)
thank you Doc for trusting me with the surprise birthday cake for your lovely wife
and Shakira, happy birthday, sweet 30, may life always be sweet and beautiful for you and your sunshine dinasour doctor husband.

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