Saturday, May 1, 2010

Batrisyia's first piping jelly deco

so refreshing! so pure, so innocent and so colourful!( anak siapa ni? of courselah mamanya puji lebih2:-)
I was busy making and decorating my cuppies wth buttercream and piping jelly and she had been pestering me with her request to do the same.I told her to wait until I had finished decorating, takut satgi tak cukup pulak, so she waited patiently.When I had finished the spongebob cuppies and later the birthday vanila cuppies, i said to her,"okay, Mama dah siap, you can start your deco now"
I left her on her own while I was busy taking photos of my cupcakes and this was the result. my monet, my picasso, my batrisyia with her masterpiece,....again....this is just one of her many drawings but this particular one is different, its so vibrant and colourful.This is the first time she drew and colour using the piping jelly and i think this drawing and colour would look nice on a birthday cake.hmmmm, perhaps I would ask her to deco on one of my cakes , maybe for fathers day? ok hold that thought.
kids, you have to encourage their hobby, she likes to draw, i guess most kids her age do the same thing, but before that......

"mama, come and have a look, batrisyia buat flower" was her first remark.
" I'll be with you shortly dear, mummy has to finish these cuppies, my friend is coming over soon." When I finally completed my cuppies and went over to see what she was doing, she had already added another figure next to the flower, on the table/trunk. Using plasticine, she made a figure of herself, complete with her name written on it.

atas trunk pun jadi tempat berkarya

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