Friday, May 21, 2010


The day started with heavy rain, it's like the cats and dogs are fighting furiously up there, alas the expression raining cats and dogs. The clock on my bedroom wall showed 7.30 am! Oh no! Couldn't be!!!! My daughter was supposed to go to school today, a replacement class. It couldn't be 7.30 am already, it was still dark outside. My head was still heavy, from the slight headache and from the lack of sleep the previous night.

Checked my handphone clock, it's not even six o'clock yet, 5.45 am to be exact. Phew! went downstairs to clear the kitchen which I didn' t get to do last night due to my headache and fatigueness. Did it halfway, went back upstairs to wake my daughter up to get ready for school.

By seven, we were already on our way. Not many cars on the road, it's a Saturday and a weekend for Alor Star people thus not many cars except for those who were sending their kids to school this morning.

Arrived back home, less than half an hour later, the house is quiet, Batrisyia and AMeer are still in their dream world, I was greeted by Willie at the door, anxiously following me around.
what's up Willie? Are you hungry? Is anything wrong? My instict tells me that he wanted to do his business but the door was closed so I went upstairs and opened the door for him. Boy was I right!

what should I do next? Okay, as usual, checked my e-mails and do some blogwalking . i do enjoy visiting other people's blog too. I like to read what they are writing,to see what's on and what's new with some people. sometimes i am just a silent reader and sometimes i do leave a mark. Not that I don't have anything to do today, plenty...but all those can wait for awhile. today is my day, just want to laze around today doing practically nothing but i don't think that is possible...yup wishful thinking....

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