Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

The card says it all.... Selamat Hari Ibu.....

from my sweet little Batrisyia. she was holding something behind her back when I picked her up from school this afternoon, and then she said, "Ma, " and handed me the card. How sweet, ain't it? it doesn't have to be grand, it doesn't have to fancy or expensive, but a simple card will do, it touches and melts your heart just the same.

I then called my umi back home, to wish her the same but she was not in, spoke to my abah.Especially for Umi, love you so much, sometimes word itself cannot express the real feelings I feel inside. All those years of raising me, all those years of trying to give the best for me, and still do, you have sacrificed a lot in your life, for us , your kids, you never once ask for anything in return, but, we, us, just say the word, and the next thing we knew, we've got what we wished for.

I remembered umi would boil hot water every morning when I was in primary school ( there was no water heater in the house) so that I would get warm water for my morning bath before going to school, she would then go to the 'nasi berlauk' lady to buy us nasi berlauk with chicken curry for breakfast. She would tie my hair up in ponytails, noticed the 's' for ponytails, yup two ponytails high up the sides of my head, and tied with ribbons and sometimes, 'bulu ayam', red in colour. Sometimes I would bring 'bekal' to school but she didn't have to send me because school was only a walking distance away from our house. Infact, you can actually see the canteen from behind our kitchen!So many things that she did and if I were to write them, it would take more than a day, it goes to show how much love she has for her children. when I was away at a boarding school, every now and then, she would send me food and sambal daging/serunding.
but I was away most of the time, I was away since I was thirteen years old, five years in johor, only coming back during the school holidays, later, i continued my studies and left my Umi behind. I have missed those years but umi is still umi, no matter how far you go, you will come back to the same umi, the loving, the caring, the thoughtful, and ever so wonderful umi..... zue sayang umi, but perhaps I seldom say it often enough.

I may be a mother myself , with three kids, but sometimes I would feel homesick, I would miss my umi, and how wish I could do more for her. Perhaps i could go back home more often.

Umi, Selamat Hari Ibu,

Kasihnya Ibu, membawa ke syurga.....

Zue doakan umi sentiasa sihat dan diberkati Allah sentiasa

this is from my sweet not so little Tsara',thank you dear for your thot

and where is the card from my sweet not too little and not too big son....hmmmmm....
later that evening, hubby said, "Ma, jom kita pegi Kuala Perlis"
yey! I know what that means......ikan bakar !
jom jom, hurry up everybody get ready.... and off we went to Kuala Perlis for grilled jenahak, sotong masak asam, udang masak sambal, sup sayur for Batrisyia, sambal belacan and ulam....and it cost us less than RM100!.
"Happy Mothers Day, Ma" was all he said, and that is sweet enough for me, and thank you dear for this lovely mothers Day treat. On the way back, I tried calling Umi again and this time managed to speak with her and wished her "Selamat Hari Ibu".
To all mothers out there, young and old, wherever you are, you know who you are, for you have carrried your children each and everyone of them, inside you for more than nine months or maybe for some, less than nine months, who had experienced the morning sickness and cravings, not forgetting swollen legs and stretch marks, who endured the labour pain by going through the normal birth or had to undergo the C section, even if you do not go through the whole labour process, but still have your children, adopted maybe, and yet you are qualifed to be called mothers, Ma, Mama, Mummy, Umi, Mak, mak mertua, Wan, Mother, or whatever sweet names that your children may call you, here's wishing you:
Selamat Hari Ibu
Happy Mothers Day
mama, agung namamu oh mama,
tiada cinta yang murni, setulus cintamu....

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