Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chocolate cuppies for nina

As I was saying, i just wanted to laze around doing nothing since it was my day yesterday, not that any other day was not my day, but yesterday was extra special, being the day my umi gave birth to me, many, many years ago...hehe.... in a small village called Kg Kota Gaung, when she was very, very young then, perhaps in her early twenties. I am the sixties baby, the agogo and twist , yankee trousers or leggings and pop yehyeh era...... the years where you spelt:

kucing as kuching ,

air as ayer

where there were only black and white TV,

( I wasn't even married when I was in my early twenties , still busy ...............studying and dating...:-) ).....)

that one day in your life that most people would celebrate with cakes and candles to be blown and wishes made, the day where you would receive cards, bought or hand made, gifts, expensive or non expensive, flower bouquet, chocolate, etc, wishes from friends, near and far, close and distance, anything and everything , be that it may, a simple "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" is just enough to make that day special.

that was yesterday but when I received the call, I wasn't at all disturbed or annoyed. she just came back from Houston, texas, for a brief holiday to spend some time with her family here and would like to celebrate her sister's birthday and was wondering if I had any cakes available or was there anything I could make within , say 4 hours, because when she called it was about 10 am and she wanted them by 2 pm. My schedule was free, butter, sugar, flour, eggs, all the basic ingredients were there, i could make MCB or brownies or cuppies within those time and she decided on chocolate cupppies.

Went down to my kitchen and started cracking and by the time she came, the cuppies were ready but with a very simple deco.She came with her son and niece with a little buah tangan from Texas and buah mempelam straight from the tree in her backyard.

those four rushing hours to complete the cuppies was worth it when I received her emai lthis morning:

"sedap cuppies, not too sweet, which I like, my family pun kata sedap".

Thank you Nina

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