Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meet Mr and Mrs Dinosour:-)

so colourful....i likeee.......

At first I was wondering, can I pull this one? I have never made any such colourful deco on my cuppies before, piping jelly yes but not fondant. normally it's either pink and white or purple and white or blue and white, just tqo colours, so, when this sweet young lady asked me to use the base blue, cos, the hubby loves blue, in two shades of blue and the 3D fondant toppers must be colourful, I started looking for ideas. She made it easy for me by specifically giving me ideas on what she wanted. She wanted the same design as I did almost a year ago, the black and white birthday surprise cuppies from a wife to her hubby , with the small black and white box containing the white heart and a teddy, but instead of the teddy, she wanted me to replace it with a dinosaur!I have never made dinosaurs before, this would be my first. Immediately I asked Batrisyia to gather all her Dinosaur toys collection , if any, for me to see and to use as referral. Didn't find anything that I'd like to make for her and her hubby and I just remembered a dinosaur cake in one of Debbie Brown's book.Instead of one big dinosaur cake, I just use the design to make a small topper on my cupcake. thank you Debbie Brown for the inspiration.

here's my version of the Dino. One blue for the hubby and I thot, it wouldn't be fun for the blue dino to be all alone on the colourful cuppies so I decided to make the Mrs Dino in pink so that they could cuddle and sit close together , be joyful and happy in their lovely colourful surrounding

The love I felt oozing from this lady is plentiful. From her smses and from her voice , I could feel the warmth and kindness and so full of love, the love for her other half and I thot I wanted to write beautiful love quotes on the cuppies, an expression of her love to her hubby dearest. but I am not a poet, the only poem or pantun I can write is the pantun Ayam Berkokok, so I googled for the love messages, love quotes and found not one but many beautiful sweet love words and here's one of them that I like:

"My love for you is a journey,.....

starting at FOREVER and ending at NEVER"

I find it really sweet and jiwang and semonel
thot I'd share a few others that I like:

How Rich I am:

I opened my wallet and find it empty,

reached my pocket and found a few coins,

searched my heart and I found you!

then I realised how rich I am......

here's another one:

"Love is ,not finding someone to live with . It's finding someone you can't live without"- Rafael Ortiz

the shortest word I know is "I"

the sweetest word I know is" LOVE"

and the person I never forget is "YOU"

" soooo ciut ma......... and so beautiful......" was the phrase that I so love to hear,coming from my six years old Batrisyia, as a sign of approval cos if she likes it , I supposed they would love it too.

red, orange, yellow, purple and white roses pintal

red heart in a blue and white box ( similar to the one I made for Hani )

take good care of this heart,

a heart is like a glass,

once broken, it will never be the same again.......I read this somewhere, .......
( not once broken, considered sold! hehe....)

U R the SUNSHINE of my life

u r my sunshine,

my only sunshine,

you ,make me happy.....( I can't remember the lyrics....sori....)

Happy Birthday sunshine

At almost 6 pm, I arrived at the address given, after getting almost lost there....not really lost, I just wasn't sure where I was supposed to go and decided to call her. There was one time, I went there for my daughter's appointment with her doctor and I parked my car somewhere in this big place and I totally and completely had forgotten where I had parked my car! I had to ask the guards to look for my car for I had no clue where it was! After searching for a good half an hour or maybe more, they finally found my car!It's such a big place and they, the buildings all ooked the same to me.....silly me.....:-)

Finally met the lady who ordered this sunshine dino cuppies to surprise her hubby.Such a sweet young lady, as sweet as she sounded over the phone.
Thank you Shakira for allowing me to be part of the sweet occasion. Happy 30th birthday to your sunshine Hubby.
my ayam berkokok pantun dua kerat for you:
Ayam berkokok di tepi perigi,
kalau sudi, boleh order lagi......
Have a sunshine day!

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