Friday, May 21, 2010

off it goes, my marble cheese brownies, to Butterworth

This side up, please! there's a fragile item inside, something cheesy, something yummy inside....and someone is waiting for it in Butterworth.Iwasn't sure whether it would reach her safe and sound or not.
The courier service wasn't really keen on accepting food especially cake to be delivered, but since the destination was not that far, only up to butterworth, she said that her staff could hand carry it. Phew! What a relief to hear that. Kak Orchid, your wish might come true.

I was a bit nervous and anxious waiting for the outcome the following day and finally the sms came in, or rather the mms with this message:
dah terima & dah kena makan lps ambik gambar...Yummy.tqvm zue.

before it was sealed in a plastic bag to keep the ants away, then placed in another box, this time hard and sturdy box,,wrapped in brown paper and futher sealed with cellotape all over the box with the stickers this side up and arrow by the sides.
thank you Kak Orchid. I hope it is worth every penny spent.

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