Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another beautiful Friday in my little kitchen..

They are no stranger to one another, one is the sister in-law to the other, whilst the other one knows that brother in law, one's nephew , uncle or something, I am confused here but I know that both of them know Amal Nabila who ordered cucpcakes from me last Aidil Fitri. in fact they are also no stranger to this baking world. I heard the word "double boil" in between them. hmmm... are they in the right class cos I would be conducting basic cupcake deco for beginners ie for those with almost zero knowledge .....

first, we started with the mixing of the mixture for the vanila cuppies. After weighing, sifting and beating, comes the filling of the cups with the mixture. Recognise the aprons? the same ones worn by the previous students. Told you that you could just come lenggang kangkung, everything is provided for, well almost.... next time I must prepare a piece of paper and a pencil too! :-)

Almost two pm but they kept on going, too engrossed in their work, making the fondant hat and handbags. Well, if they were not hungry, I sure was!Prepared the dishes early in the morning, menu for that day's lunch was masak lemak cli api ayam, daging masak dendeng, ikan kembung goreng and sayur bayam, just a simple meal.

Back to work after lunch, Kak Iman piping out the flower from the piping bag with the star nozzle.

Ton, sprinkling some coloured sugar on one of the cuppies.

Kak Iman, a lecturer by profession, is curently pursuing a pHD . But today, put pHD behind, we are decorating cupcakes!Very creative with the fondant deco, but need to work on the grass kak Iman. InsyaAllah you can do it too:-)

kak Iman's creations, neat and creative, with her own style and design, slightly different from what I showed her...tsk,,tsk,,,melawan cikgu ni......:-) no, this is what we called applying the techniques and doing it her way, her way or my way, I did it my way..... and she did it her way, beautifully and creatvely...

Ton, a committed and dedicated student, just follow what I did, very quick with the buttercream deco, but being a'hot mama', she has a hot mama hand syndrome, a bit like me, but she's hotter.......

but still the result is amazing, for someone who had never made any fondant deco before, have you or haven't you? hmmmm.
Thank you both Kak Iman and Ton for taking the time to spend your precious Friday with me. I hope it's time and money worth spent. mintak maaf kalau ada terlebih terkurang, terusik, usik mengusik bawa bahagia.....

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