Saturday, May 1, 2010

free style vanilla cuppies

Ana just wanted simple deco for these cuppies, nak makan2 je, but to write names on 10 cuppies with a simple Hepi Besday message.
ten cupcakes with ten names who will be celebrating their birthdays. I thot , maybe they are all May babies, but was I wrong and guess what? everybody shares the same birthdate, May 2nd? cool, ain't it? happy besday to Don, Ghani, Ed, Dyana, Tone, Ina, Gani, Syon, Ani and Zamri!

free style...fening gak bila buat free style ni...tapi okay gak sebab boleh mengexperiment:-) all 50 cuppies are vanilla flavoured with buttercream topping and buttercream deco.
free style or not, thank you ana sweet Ana for your continuous support dear.hope you are feeling better today.

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