Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ayam Masak version.

Ayam masak Portugis
Fancy name, dunno where I got the recipe from, probably in one of the malay magazines or cookbooks that I brought with me when I was studying.I have made Ayam Masak Minangkabau and now it's the Portugis's turn:-)

I first tried this recipe , far, far away from my home, ie my family, I think I had written before about me not being a good cook, blah blah on and so forth, and I think I still still learning, still looking for recipes in books,internets, on TVs , in other fellow bloggers' blogs, therefore when I made this chicken dish and my good friend who happens to be a good cook and I think she still is, perhaps excellent suits her more, asked me for the recipe, you could just imagine how flattered I was! This Ayam Masak Portugis was one of my few chicken dishes recipe that I had at that time and being asked the "how to's" by someone who can cook with her eyes closed ( exagerrate sikit...hehe )was really, I mean achievement for me.

I'd like to share the recipe here. I like it, dunno about you. Quite easy to make:
Here goes:

Ayam, cleaned and cut into whatever size you like

Heat the oil and fry one onion ( cut into rings), a few red and a few green chili ( sliced), put aside for garnishing later.
then, fry some ( about 5 to 6 ) sliced shallots,
ginger, about one inch
and 1 tbsp of mustard seed ( biji sawi )-tumbuk dulu ye

Add in the blended mixture , about 20 dried chillies and 10 shallots, and fry till pecah minyak
Add in the chicken and mix well with the ingredients.

Add in light coconut milk, lower the heat , cover the wok with lid and leave it until the gravy is almost dry. Then, you add in about 1 tbsp vinegar, salt and sugar to taste. Add in thick gravy and cook till the gravy is very , very, thick!the thicker the better!

Before you serve it, throw back in the fried onion, red and green chillies. Mix well and .......Done! Serve with warm white rice

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