Friday, May 14, 2010

OREO OREO OREO....oreo choclate cheesecake for any occasion...

surprise! guilty as charged! more photos later.

9" about 1.2 kg
love at first bite cheesecake!

cut into slices of 12 from one big 9" cheesecake

OCC with fondant birthday greeting for a friend to celebrate her son's birthday. Thank yo Amnah and Happy 10th birthday Mohamad ALiff Amsyar.

Mdm Chew wanted me to cut this OCC into 24 slices for her. She's the owner of the beauty spa very near my house. I used to go there for facial, back massage, sauna, pedicure and manicure,you name it, they have everything, errr,long.... long....long....time ago , once or twice, in a blue moon, by the way, when does the moon ever turn blue?

A slice of this scrumptious oreo chocolate cheesecake wouldn't hurt your diet, I think, indulge yourself in this 'heaven on earth 'creation cheesecake once in a while, but not once in a blue moon ya......:-)that would be too long...hehe...


  1. nyum..nyum..sgt sedappppp..
    alangkah indahnya ..kalau lah kita ni berjiran..iye kak zue ;)

  2. let me guess...... nas ke ni? kalu silap, sori ye, apa2pun, yup, would be nice too.....