Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22nd definitely belongs to me! and other Geminian too....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAMA, or what was left of the wordings on the cake.May 22nd definitely belongs to me as one of my Srikandi friend wrote in my FB, she said that" 22nd May belongs to someone, bday mek kelate rupanya".

The day started with heavy rain but ended with rainbows in my heart. It was filled with joy and happiness. It started the nite before, even before the clock struck 12 midnite, I received messages in my Facebook , from my juniors wishing me Happy birthday. My facebook messages and emails were filled upwith well wishes from friends, cyber or noncyber, wishing me another year of happiness and joy, health and wealth, success in my cake business, and all the good things in life. Just the mere thot of them remembering my special day was indeed special. No special words or phrases could I express to say how grateful , how fulfilling, how heartwarming it was , just a simple two words, THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for remembering my day, for making it extra special.
I started feeling blue in the morning, maybe because of the rain, maybe I was alone with my thot since my daughter was still at school, my two other kids were still in zzzzzzzzzzzzland and hubby was doing his thingy, but as everyone is home , up and about, the three of them came in the kitchen with this fav cake of mine ( unfortunately not by Zue's Oven.....yet...) with candles lit up and sang"happy birthday" to me.I couldn't really act surprised because one of them had let the cat out o the bag ( the secret) unintentionally......and suddenly the blues went away and all colours came pouring in like a rainbow in my heart.
My sister in Ireland celebrated my birthday by having BBQ outside her house, Da, nak sikit BBQ tu...... and my sis in Shah Alam were having a ball at the company's annual dinner and I had my fair share of little celebration at a pizza place here.It's one of those nights that mummy doesn't have to cook. The day, May 22nd 2010 ended beautifully, you wouldn't have wanted anything else when you are surrounded by the ones you love and the people who love you, be it your family or friends. InsyaAllah, another candle on my cake and hopefully another year wiser. may life always be gentle , filled with happiness and be blessed all the time. Amin.


  1. oohhh...besday akak kemarin la yer???huhuhuhu..tahu..kalau tak bole wish sekali time jumpa kemarin..huhuhu..anyway,happy birthday k.zue... =)

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