Friday, May 28, 2010

cake marathon......

All in a day and night's work....cake, cupcakes, cheesecake and brownies marathon...

it was 8 am, The first person to collect them is from Prai who would later bring the chocolate cuppies back to Ipoh.Thank you Kak Eda, my Srikandi senior who took the trouble to drive all the way , just to taste my cupcakes.

later, around 3 pm, as promised, this bride to be, with inai still red on her fingers, ( baru pakai last night)came to collect her black and white three tiered cakes for the majlis akad nikah tonite.

plus this carrot walnut cuppies on cupcake tier for the majlis kenduri the following day

plus this basket of vanilla cupcakes for hantaran. Thank you Chah for your support and Selamat Pengantin Baru ( more photos later)

Balqis came with her twin sister to collect this oreo chocolate cheesecake, for their father's birthday. She didn't want to write antyhing on top. thanks Balqis for your continuous suppport.

This hemsem ,hehe.....young bloke came in the evening after work still in his suit complete with songkok ( very formal loooking) to pick up her daughter's birthday ladybird cheesecake, the design was supplied by his architect wife who mmsed me the picture of how she wanted the cheesecake to look like.Thank you anas and Diana and happy 2nd birthday Dareen. Ingat baru lagi buat the oreo chocolate cheescake for her first birthday.

last but not least, Ana sweet Ana came around 9 pm to collect this brownies with walnut, cut into squares and placed in a paper cup, deco with red heart and silver dreggees on each slice , as a gift for her friend. Thank you Ana for your endless support.
there you are, almost all Zue's Oven ' heaven on earth' creations were made in one day and night, from chocolate cuppies for ipoh mali tatak sombong friend, to fruit cake for the top tier wedding cake, mini cake , made from chocolate cake layered with banana chocolate chip cake for the middle tier, and chocolate moist for the bottom tier, carrot walnut with cream cheese topping on cupcake tier, vanilla cuppies for hantaran,all for a bride to be, oreo chocolate cheesecake for a birthday, plain bake cheesecake with buttercream, raspberry jam and ganache for alittle girl's birthday and brownies with walnut as a gift. Anything and everything for all kinds of occasion. You can find them all here , made fresh and with TLC from Zue's Oven .


  1. Whoa! So many! Alhamdulillah Zue, I am happy for you. I don't think I can finish that many in one day.

  2. You can say that again Wiz! I am surprised with myself too!tau2 siap, dalam mengantuk, dalam menguap tu.....sekali sekala boleh macam ni,