Saturday, February 6, 2010

where's Willie?

"mana willie? Where's Willie? "

seems to be the favourite phrase at the moment. It's his first day in the house, he's no longer in his'house' so to speak and he's now free to roam and play about anywhere in the house and since our house is a double storey and he likes to move about in the house, we seem to be forever looking for him.He's the C.O.A @ Centre of attraction.mind you he's not the CEO or COO or CFO but with the title COA , he's been treated like the CEO too!

here's the answer to that question. while Batrisyia was looking all over the house for him, he's having a nap of his life behind the sofa, out of everyone's sight. Perhaps, he's had enough of everyone 'gomoling' him, especially Batrisyia who treated him like her soft toy, her soft teddy, carrying him around. He's such an angel, never fought back, just succumb to every whims and fancies that we made him do.

I was awaken by him last night when i felt something furry snuggling close behind my back, and that furry something came sniffing at my face and biting at my bracelet. He wanted to play! and at the very wee hours in the morning too!silly willie! I like to call him, not that he's silly, it's just willie rhymes with silly....:-)

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