Friday, February 26, 2010

Najah, from Perlis

whose hand is this? left handed, like me...very fair, not like me...hehe.....:-)
don't be shy, let us see your face, so busy drawing on the marble cheese brownies,

done! Wah! cantik sekali, all done by 'the hand'

that hand belongs to Najah who hails from Perlis, to learn how to make marble cheese brownies and fruit cake. this is no ordinary lady, mother of three, a businesswoman with not just a bakery but clothes shop and book shop too. Just undergone her confinement of her third child, she wasted no time.
we were supposed to start the class at 10 am but due to unavoidable circumstances, she had to come slightly later. when she arrived, we had a small conversation just to break the ice, I think the ice had been broken much earlier when we exchanged our e-mails. such a sweet and pleasant lady, so easy to be with.
The session went smoothly, alhamdulillah. I had the whole house to myself because everybody was out, kids at school and hubby at work. Thanx dear for picking up Batrisyia from her school . Normally I would pick her up at 12 noon. we finished off just before five. Actually we finished much earlier but the cake cooling time took longer.While waiting, we had 'nasi dagang' which I bought from the market. Though coming from the state which is famous for nasi dagang and nasi kerabu , i still do not have the expertise and knowledge to do both. I thought of making something I know best, 'ayam masak minangkabau' for Najah but maybe not her rezeki that day, tak sempat buat.
Najah, thank you for your willilngness to share a little something from me, I do hope with the few hours we spent together, mixing, sifting, whisking, baking and chitchatting in between, you have gained or obtained what you were looking for, kalu tak banyak, sikit pun takpe. tapi dengar citer, dah dapat order pun. Well done!

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  1. thanks kakzue, you're so kind n sweet!! nanti nak dtg blajar choc mousse tau!