Wednesday, February 10, 2010

golden 'King Midas' theme hantaran

golden theme hantaran set with nine cuppies decorated with white swirl roses and daisies with a brush stroke of gold colour.

to make it look nicer , grander and more exclusive, I wrapped the cake base with golden patterned piece of fabric

two butterflies rested on the daisy and the golden heart fondant symbolising the two 'mempelai'/ the newlyweds who will be flying and dancing and doing everything together from now

the set is not complete without the soft yellowish/whitish flower placed on the two tone ribbon at the corner of the gift box with one small golden butterfly snuggled close to it.

another golden butterfly ( this one is inedible ye...) glued to the exquisite lace patterned ribbon with a string of pearl like golden beads glued to it to make this set of hantaran an exclusive golden theme set, not forgetting the cupcakes are decorated with little golden ribbon too.

thank you ever so much Kak bahiyah for your continuous and endless support.Wishing the newly weds, kak bahiyah's friend, 'selamat Pengantin Baru'

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