Sunday, February 21, 2010

hai Spongebob!

hai Spongebob! it's been a while since I last drew Abang Bob, be it with piping jelly or buttercream. got a call from my friend this morning with 'cepumas' question:-)

"Zue, what are you doing, busy or not?" ( I was smiling at this moment cos I knew what the next sentence would be:-)
i want 50 cupcakes, it's for my daughter's birthday.
Could you make Spongebob for me?
InsyaAllah I could but when do you want it?
this evening? ?@87%*8.! ( smiling at this point)

I was free that day , only planning to go for a kenduri, I love going for kenduris because the lauk all so yummy,and so I said, petang takut tak sempat, kalu malam sikit, insyaallah boleh.

fatimah az-zahra is 8 , a combination of piping jelly and buttercream spongebob deco on the chocolate cuppies with colourful fondant alphabets.

i like these sets because they were so colourful.

happy birthday! 50 pcs of choc cuppies for her schoolmates.Thank you Nanie , last minute, tapi rezeki, rezeki jangan ditolak. true enough, I couldn't finish it by the evening but managed to finish them just before Maghrib. Nanie came around 10 pm with her two daughters and after she went back I got started with the Oreo chocolate cheesecake for tomorrow.,
OCC for Pah. that was about midnite cos hubby came back with fresh squids and prawns from Kuala Perlis and asked me to fry them on the spot, nak makan panas2 and fresh lagi.
while decorating abang Bob, Gladys mum came to collect her two plain bake cheesecakes which they truly enjoyed. She ordered one for chinese New Year and ordered again, these two for their seventh day of the Chinese New Year festival. thank you Gladys and Gladys' mum.
thank you Pah for the OCC, tak sempat ambik gambar OCC and the cheesecakes.

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