Friday, February 5, 2010

My first ....chicken pie

is this how a chicken pie should look like? i dunno and it made no difference to me cos no matter how ugly or how nice it looked like, I couldn't be happier! my very first, my very own chicken pie! thanx to yus who made me do this, if she had not asked me to make one for her, i wouldn't have done it. making 'Chicken pie' would still be in my 'To Do List' along with 'tiramisu, trifle, apple strudel ' and a lot more other recipes which I had been wanting to try.

not only that, the night before I was going to make my first chicken pie, while I was resting after almost half a day at the clinic and was watching my fav TV channel 'AFC' , the show started with Jamie 'Naked Chef ' Oliver was on and guess what? He was going to make pastries, sweet and savoury pastries! just my luck!
one thing he said that i wouldn't forget was, he didn't make his own puff pastry! so I guess that could save me the trouble of making the puff pastry, just use the ready made bought from the store.Perhaps one of these days, Iwould still try to do my own puff pastry, that would be a real challenge. I did almost xactly what Jamie did, left the excess pastry hanging by the edge and fold it back later into the lid with the criss cross pattern before glazing it with eggwash.
I made the second one for us since I had never made one for the family .
Tsara' was the first person to eagerly cut the chicken pie. I did have my first bite too and it tasted as a chicken pie should....( i think ) There were a few versions which I found on the net but yus requested for the one with chicken and potatoes just like the fillings for currypuff so, I browsed into Rinnchan's fotopages ( cos I knew that she has many fantastic recipes , thanks Rinn, for sharing with us )

perhaps I would try the other version, the one with cream of mushroom, button mushroom and celery, some other day ( the big question is: WHEN? )

that's what home cooked meal is all about, ugly but pleasantly yummy!therefore, do not judge a book by its cover, I mean , the pie....the chicken pie..... Thanx again yus for making this happen. hope you and the family, enjoyed the chicken pie with the oreo chocolate cheesecake . I was overwhelmed with the chicken pie that I had forgotten about the OCC but of course I didn't forget to make it.thanx yus for your continuous support.


  1. Zue!
    ada teka teki utk you...
    "semalam ada, hari ni tak ada." apa dia?
    jawab..jawab..jangan tak jawab..

  2. dengar ya yus, zue nak jawab teka teki tu:

    ayam berkokok makan tapai,
    jawapannya, 'chicken pie!'

  3. yeeee..pandai teka!
    zue, ada petua nak bagi inti pie tak pecah2 or 'relai' , you pukul telor 1 biji and siram atas inti pie dulu sebelum masukkan atas dough. my MIL punya petua utk macaroni pie, tapi sampai sekarang I belum buat sekali pun lagi...hahahahah

  4. thanx for the tips, i teringin nak try shepherd's pie pulak.....