Tuesday, February 2, 2010

jez for makan2 again for anna

barely a week , (I think about 3 days ago,) from the previous 'jez for makan2' cuppies, ana ordered another set, even after they had the fruit cake for her mum's birthday. 'Flattered' is the word but flattery will get us nowhere, right? Glad, happy and satisfied, just a few vocabularies to describe the feeling of knowing that someone out there appreciates what you are doing

no specific theme cos jez for makan2, just gave a few cuppies a swirl, topped with yellow fondant flower and red heart sugar, basketweave pattern on a few others and made four roses and sprayed it with the new cololur powder that I bought recently.
Thanks ever so much for your continuous support Anna. Happy eating and enjoy the cuppies.

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