Friday, February 26, 2010

kelly green and white set

soothing white and green as an engagement hantaran set.

16 S size chocolate cuppies with ganache and glaze with white buttercream, with white roses and a touch of green and further deco with a few inedible white and green butterflies

three white roses in a cup and solo white rose with inedible green butterfly

white rose with kelly green blossom and a white butterfly

just want to see what it would like on the green 'alas' on the dulang hantaran.

the box is decorated with reen lacey ribbon with a bow tied in front of the box and a bbig white butterfly attached to it. To make it look more exquisite, I just wrapped around a string og green beads around the box. On the top left hand corner, i just attached another piece of green lacey ribbon with another tyoe of green flower and to finish it off, I just glued two small green and white butterflies right at the bottom right hand corner of the box.
thank you Linda who ordered this set on behalf of her MIL
To the newly engaged couple, "Selamat Bertunang" .

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