Friday, February 5, 2010

abang, 'Happy 2nd wedding Anniversary'wajik

sweet for my sweet,
sugar for my honey

but this sugar is not for honey but from honey/hani.....
my first experience with wajik. No, No, No,, i didn't make the wajik, or nasi manis to the Kelantanese, i wish i could but I couldn't. since Hani requested something other than cake for their second wedding anniversary, and asked me if I could make wajik and I told her that I knew someone who could make it or pulut kuning and i could order them for her if she like.Fortunately, my neighbour, who's always been my ketupat and rendang maker for raya , lives just a couple of houses away from ours, so I just gave her a call and voila! i got a plate of wajik delivered to my doorstep and the rest was up to me to deco and box it nicely to be delivered as a wedding anniversary gift from a loving wife in Penang for her hubby dearest in Kg Hilir in Kepala Batas , Alor Star.

Why wajik? Because it was her acu bek's favourite. But how to deco this sticky, sweet smelling wajik? I got the wajik at around 9 am and Hani told me that her hubby was leaving for Penang soon and I had to think fast. took the bottle of red heart shaped sugar deco and started arranging them as the border and took a bottle of the silver dregees and arranged them one by one outlining the white heart cut out fondant and voila! wrapped the box with black and white polka dot ribbon similar to the one glued to the foil, and paste three red hearts on the ribbon too. By 10 plus I was already on my way to deliver it with Batrisyia accompanying me.

Batrisyia, as usual gave her words of approval after seeing the deco
and kids don't lie....

I still remember hani's first order,last year, a surprise birthday cuppies for her hubby, black and white and a touch of purple, so this time, i still use black and white but with lots of red, red hearts as hot as the fire and passion of their romance.

Happy 2nd wedding anniversary to this sweet couple.Hopefully your marriage will last forever and will celebrate more anniversaries and birthdays together, forever and ever.


  1. thanks a lots k.zue!im very2 satisfied wit this fact, my hubby like it very much and very nice deco!

  2. thank you so much hani, glad that hubby dearest like the wajik and the deco.