Wednesday, February 24, 2010

bride and groom toppers

Want to make these cute , sweet and ladylike bride and hemsem, chubby and equally cute groom for your special day?

Can I do it? U may ask yourself. I ask myself that question too, every so often, and I keep on trying until I get the perfect figure, but until then I settle for these for the time being. I am far from perfect but if these cute, sweet and chubby figurines can bring smile to those looking at them, I said, why not?

If I can, so can you. why am I writing this? Because I received several calls and enquiries about this and other things too and perhaps it is time for me to share this little knowledge of mine to more people who are interested to do the same. I have started several classes already for other modules , based on requests and I hope to be able to share more with those who are sincerely interested and passionate about cake making and cake decorating.

my first bride and groom, ( duduk bersanding) on the cupcakes

my pink couple, the demure blushing pride in pink with cucuk sanggul goyang and her chubby hubby

my latest creation, the couple in white, duduk bersimpuh .

so, come on down or up, for those who are interested in making these toppers yourselves either on cupcakes or wedding cakes, look no further, I am right here, just give me a call or text me for further info and detail. This is just one of the few modules that are in store. Iwould also do cupcake deco, buttercream and fondant deco.
How to make chocolate fudge mousse would also be included in my module since there's a request for it. Do let me know what you fancy

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