Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ayam masak entah apa2

made nasi goreng for lunch.( forgot to snap the photo, after all, nasi goreng will look like nasi goreng:-) )

I must write the recipe down for fear of not remembering it . I may be able to make cheesecake or cupcakes or brownies, but when it comes to cooking, I am still learning.. yes ...really learn. One day my kari kepala ikan turned out beautifully and the next, it was a flop. Same with masak asam pedas or sup ekor, no, my sup ekor is fine, but not my fish curry.sat pecah minyak, sat tak.....My cooking is sometimes unpredictable, just like the British weather.

i would check out blogs or fotopages of others for new recipes, bought food magazines, like majalah 'Rasa( from where I got the fried rice recipe for this afternoon's lunch from ) ', watched Chef Kamarul on TV or any other cooking programmes, jot down the recipe, here and there, hoping to try them one of these days but somehow, they remain where they were, on those pieces of paper. I would occasionally try out the new recipes, but I am more comfortable with the recipes that I am so familiar with like masak lemak cilipadi for chicken or crabs and sometimes masak pedas cili for the crab. Not forgetting the masak minangkabau, masak portugis, the dendeng for meat

oops,,,, honestly, before I forget:

bash/pound a few shallots with cili padi.
heat some oil and fry ikan bilis and scoop them out onto a plate.
fry the sliced onion, followed by the shallot and cili padi.

fry until fragrant and cooked, add in squids ( cut into small pieces ), when they are nicely cooked, break an egg , mix nicely and until well blended,

throw in some veggies, I used carrots and cabbage( which I had already cut a couple of days ago ) just chuck them in, ohh I forgot, I added a few pinches of white pepper, salt and sugar to taste. Probably add in a little water if they look kind dry. Finally, add in the rice. Mix thoroughly and voila! Ready to be served with chopped spring onion and sprinkled with the fried ikan bilis.

i kinda like this version,

Since my kids are not nasi goreng people, I made this other lauk for them. this chicken dish, I dunno what to call it cos, I just threw whatever is within my reach.

I heat the oil, tumis the sambal which I made for the ikan bakar last night

the sambal consists of the following:

shallots,lemon grass, belacan, dried chillies, red chillies, cili padi, air asam jawa, lime juice,

I added some chili blend from the shop , fry everything till they are fragrant, pour in some oyster sauce, a little bit of kicap lemak manis, tomato sauce, salt and sugar, add some water for the kuah.but before the water, throw in the chicken , of course, how could I have forgotten the chicken ( a little bit distracted here, am watching American Idol as I am writing this ). simmer till the kuah thicken and the chicken tender.

taste good if I may say so myself. I would definitely try this again, that's why I need to write this down, in case I forgot:-)

so, that's our lunch for today, and most probably tonite, BBQed or rather grilled in the oven lamb /shoulder chop which I had marinated this afternoon. they are for my kids,as I am not much of a lamb person.

gotta go, got to bathe Batrisyia, today, she refused to mandi air hujan ( the shower ) but wants mama to 'jirus' her.


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