Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'll let you in ON MY PLANS......XOXO

why so many bedrooms? where's the kitchen? where's the living room? where are the other rooms? Why ONLY bedroms?
here's why....
if you say you'll be my valentine.....
I'll let you in on MY PLANS........
if you know what I mean.....kinky stuff, xxxxrated :-)

as per Ana's request, the design and deco to be the same or similar with the one I made recently with the wajik and if I were in the mood, I could add or make something different.Even the wrapping/ribbon is the same as the 'wajik' ribbon.
The 'bedroom plan', I saw it on a valentine's card somewhere and I thot it's kinda nice and sexy and kinky at the same time and after all, it's from the wife to her husband, so there's nothing wrong legally or morally, with being kinky and horny once in a while, ain't it?

chocolate moist cake covered with ganache, with red heart shaped sugar as the border and again, just like the wajik deco, I used silver dregees to outline the red ( instead of white) heart shaped fondant.for the base border, I nozzled out rosette using white buttercream but sprayed with chocolatle flavoured colour dust.

thank you Anna for your endless and continuous support. Actually I wanted to make more but as time was not on my side that day, this was all I could come up with in a jiffy. May you and hubby dearest celebrate more valentines, birthdays, anniversaries and eerything else together always.

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