Sunday, February 14, 2010

seeing purple... and pink too..

purple wedding hantaran set is ready, so was the pink and white box ribbon for engagement, the 12 cc for try out and that left the heart chocolate moist for valentine. to be decorated.
it may look a bit too much ( for me )to be done in one night or in a day , and this was where my time management and patience were put to a test, but despite the long hours spent on baking, glazing, rolling out fondant, and the dozing off in between making the fondant roses or decorating the glasses for the cuppies, I love every minute and the result always left me wondering, .. how did I do them?But the final result and the verdict from the recipients were the most welcoming and sounds like music to the ear, and that's what matters.never mind the lack of sleep, the aching body, it was worth it and I guess I do have to thank them for making these happen, for allowing me to enter the specil moment in their lives. i may have said all these so many times before but I'm saying it again and again...

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