Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy 'Power Puff Girls' 5th birthday Ain Athirah

A father every child would love to have. Why? Every time when his children celebrate their birthdays, they would get not one but more than one cake and brownies with walnut is a must. Who am I referring to? None other than the "Brownies man" himself. I do hope that he wouldn't mind me calling him with this nickname:-)

normally, for the birthday cake itself I would make chocolate moist cake, but this time, he wanted to try something different, so instead of chocolate or vanilla, I suggested orange cake and he said that he'd love to try it, At the moment I only have one recipe using orange which was called 'Eggless Orange Cake' which I had tried before and I hope they would like it too..
glazed with white buttercream and hand drawn Power Puff Girls with colourful piping jelly with pink basketweave pattern on the sides with a touch of some small green blossoms.

PPG vanilla cupcakes

before..plain bake cheesecake.
after..with blueberries.....
before..brownies with walnut.
after.....still brownies with walnut but with ganache deco.Thank you to both Din and Mrs for your continuous support and wishing Ain Athirah a Happy 5th Birthday, semoga menjadi anak yang solehah.


  1. Everything is looking gorgeously delicious Zue. I like your white fondant cake too, so simple yet so stunning and not forgetting the decorated fruitcake, shweeeettt!

    Congratulations on the starting of your new venture - cake classes.

  2. salam wiz,
    thank you for the kind remarks., it means a lot to me, coming from someone whose work and creations I have always admired.
    and thank you for your kind thoughts on my new venture, it feels good to be able to share with others, the least I could do.would love to meet up with you one of these days, and see your artwork up close cos they never fail to impress me.