Sunday, May 1, 2011

the end of the marathon and 'the not meant to be'

The marathon ended with this pink and white engagement cupcakes

she requested these love birds like the one I did before

thank you Kak Wan and Azira

these were completed by 8 am on that Saturday morning, the last day of the marathon, my cut off time was 10 am for I had already made a plan, a plan to join a group of friends, few I had not met for twenty eight years, few that we had been in touch via facebook, few that I had met just last week, just to list a few.

That WAS my plan, but as fate or destiny had been written, it was not meant to be.For I was feeling rather knackered after making all those cakes and cupcakes and brownies, Yes, my heart, was saying, just go, pack your bag and go but my body was saying otherwise. Noon, followed by evening, still I did not do my packing, the event would only start on Sunday and I could still make it , but I was still here and i could only imagine how much fun they would be having omorrow, seeing one another after so many years, sharing and exchanging stories of yesteryears,surely the first word would be:

"You haven't changed a bit! ( emmm for those who still manage to maintain their figures after all these years, and also meant for those who still have the same laugh, the same candid conversation, the same vibes......yes, we may have changed in size and shape but we still are the same inside, the innocent ( now not innocent and naive anymore....) seventeen years old leaving the school for the last time, going our different path

I am sure they were having a blast, for the agenda prepared were make up session, karaoke or poco poco, eating durians and many many more.......oooh how I wish I were there, perhaps next time, InsyaAllah.


  1. Hello Zue, There you've done it again. You've created a work of art. Another masterpiece....they're really beautiful, Zue.
    Only your steady hands can do these intricate tiny sculptures.
    And so cute too.
    Zue.....I have seen many blogger's cup cakes, cakes....and your's is one of THE's your very creative, imaginative designs.
    And the smooth texture especially.
    Outstanding Zue.

  2. Hello Lee,
    your words sound like music to my ear.....:-)
    and I am dancing , smiling to the tune.
    You are so generous with words that would surely melt any SYTs, me, a SYT no more, sweet, perhaps, young, definitely not, if you call a mother of three school going kids young, by all means, haha...always persan muda ma.....
    These words that kept me going, if my customers are happy, then I am happy too, and I would love to make these upcakes for you one day Lee. Any plan to come back for a holiday?
    Have a nice weekend Lee, keep on 'twisting'