Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy birthday to me!!!!

but no cakes, made five cakes , all last minutes order but none for me....huhu.......
received a card from Batrisyia and her friend, how sweet.....
wait a minute...somebody's at the door

ting tong!
who is it?
nak hantar kek!
Did I hear it right?
Normally people come to collect their cakes from me, nobody sent or delivered cakes for me..

somebody from hubby's office did call me up , saying that they have something to send over but it did not cross my mind at all that it would be a cake, but a cake it Swee!
I have not opened the box as I am writing this, but I think I know which flavour inside it
so, back to my decorating one final cake for the day, for a teachers day celebration tomorrow, will update with photos later, meanwhile, am enjoying the day, thanking everyone for the well wishers in the FB,

ciao!! have a good day !


  1. Hi Zue, Many happy returns of the day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Wishing you all the very best in life, the sun shining, birds singing, your cakes fluffy, comes out well, your bank manager senyum bila see you datang.....
    And may you be as beautiful tomorrow as you are today.
    Keep a song in your heart....stay young.

  2. Hello Lee! thank you for your birthday and well wishes, that's new and original, "your cakes fluffy, comes out well"...hehe....

    will keep a song always Lee....forever young., zue

  3. aaaaah so sweet! I didnt even get a slice pun k!

    Anyway, Happy happy birthday Zue. People always think we do not need a cake coz we make them. On the contrary I think coz I love eating other people's cakes tau, not to test ke apa but to enjoy something which are not mine. Coz to me apa yg I buat sumer tak sedap.

    Yup we'll be running up and down this holiday but I will be in Penang tmrw for just one day jer for a break.


  4. sweeet kan Wiz.....:-)

    thank you for the's true, once in a while, nak gak makan yang orang lain buat, one of these days i would love to try your cakes too,mesti sedapnyer....

    you got that right, wiz, cuti mula je, kita pun no holidays definitely, alhamdulillah rezeki kan.

    come over lah, bila dah ke Penang tu, only one hour away je and you'll get a slice or two from my kitchen.

    hope you enjoy your one day trip to Penang