Friday, May 27, 2011

take five, they said......

a friend,two actually, husband and wife , from KL, ampang to be exact, visited us, after sending their daughter to a uni in Penang, stayed for one night, catchin up on old times

first pick up was at 8 am, blueberry cheesecake and blueberry cheesetarts( forgot to snap the photo).thank you Kak Mala

next pick up, but delivered to the school nearby was at 9.40 am, chocolate moist cake with ganache and simple deco, thank you Cikgu

third pick up was at 10,30am, marble cheese brownies , thank you Atira

4th pick up was at 12 noon, this "Spongebob" chocolate cake will be shared with other Taska kids where Adam went to, for his birthday celebration this afternoon. thank you Liza

5th pick up was at 1 o'clock, for an office small makan makan, thank you Sya Aleesya

oh, another one, make that 'take six' rather, last minute order on the morning itself, marble cheese brownies for two ladies, thank you Asmah and Asilah ( i hope I got the names right) by the way, it was Azira who made the call, no dear, lambat angkat phone bukan apa, sakit tekak so dread to talk cos bila cakap, pedih rasa tekak.

there you go, with a simple "take five' message from my Ampang friends( for me to have a rest, take a break from baking ) `, I literally took five orders on the day they left my house.

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