Wednesday, May 11, 2011

fruit basket... today in history for Zue's Oven...

Zue, do you have a basket?
What is it for?
fruits, have you done fruit basket before?
Yes I did, but very small basket
I like your basket, the one I saw in your blog, do you still have 'em
I think I do and I have a few more samples if you like
okay, I will bring the fruits later in the evening

took out all my 'presentable'and 'big' baskets ready for her to choose but when I saw the box of fruits which she carried out from her car, followed by more boxes and I said ,

" oh oh" , where am I gonna squeeze all these fuits into? definitely could not go into MY baskets.

now, think think think,

the fruits, banana, pineapple, papaya, mangoes, dragonfruits, and grapes were all here, the function is tomorrow and we still did not have the 'big' I mean 'really' big basket to fill them all in. They had ordered the ceramic basket ( which should be on its way as we were discussing about the rattan basket ) and they needed the rattan basket as back up......just in case.....

went to a few shops but our search for the proper basket was not fruitful. ( very appropriate the word 'fruitful' in this case...hehe...)

I remembered a friend of mine who might have just the basket that we needed and I gave her a call, and she said she might have them

but the question is " Would it be suitable for a 'sultan'?

yes. just the word that I wanted to hear.

the fruits n this basket was only arranged at 8 am that morning and the function was supposed to start at 10.30 am., to be presented to our KDYMM Tuanku Sultan Kedah during the official function that day.

thankfully , we managed to get it done by 9 am. just a matter of arranging the fruits and tied a yellow flower with yellow ribbon, minimal deco was needed since the ceramic basket is beautiful on its own.

this basket was heavy, can you imagine, one big pineapple, one papaya, a buunch of bananas, a few mangoes, two dragonfruit, green grapes and black grapes,

Thank you Kak Has, thank you Su

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