Tuesday, May 17, 2011

menjunjung Kasih......

merafak sembah, menjunjung kasih , limpah perkenan mencemar duli ke atas lawatan rasmi KDYMM Seri Paduka Baginda ke alor setar

locally produced fruits, locally made ceramic basket, the fruits locally arranged by me..... in my

little kitchen

for a very special and the most important person in our country. Although it is just a basket ( or two, with the rattan basket as back up ) but it means a lot to a small town baker cum cake decorator to be part , a small part of the whole event , KDYMM Seri Paduka Baginda's official visit to Alor Star from 13- 15th May 2011.

the back up basket filled with the same kind of fruits, pineapple, pisang berangan, dragonfruit, mangoes and grapes, decorated with yellow roses and white lilies and yellow ribbon to complete the whole 'royal' look.

a set of hand and face towels for the rest room

hand towels rolled neatly , tied with golden ribbon and I just added some little yellow flowers to complete the 'royal' look, simple but nice

once again, I am honoured to be part of all these, thank you Kak Has for trusting me with this very important task and Su, the lady responsible for the whole thing, something that I will treasure cos it is not everyday that the number one man came to your state for the official visit and even if he did, it is not everyday that I got the opportunity to be part of it all, even though I only did it in my kitchen.........


  1. Hi Zue, HOLY SMOKE! Outstanding! I am very impressed with your creative talents!
    You sure you studied in England, not The Swiss Finishing School?
    I really love your decorative talents.
    Macham to Japanese Ikebana, I think. Wow!

    I studied your pics, like ha ha admiring a lady....how and where you placed each fruit,.....I can imagine you after a couple of fruits, gostan 5 feet to admire the angle, fruits right side up, any blemishes....

    Waaa, ada standby too. I like that! Always have back up as sometimes the unexpected happens.
    Zue, you are good. No....wrong word. You're terrific!
    If I trade in my wife for a new model, must ask you design bake special cake, and fruit basket, ARHAAAAA HA HA HA.

    Congratulations Zue on be chosen to take part in this special occasion.
    Daulat Tuanku!

  2. hell Lee! exactly HOLY MOLY!been busy and took a while to reply to your comment, thousand apologies!!!!
    been over the moon about the whole experience!, who would have thought, I never would!
    I am glad that you come over , I was smiling ear to ear reading your comment but could not reply right away, even as I am writing this, my mind is wondering, how much butter, sugar etc should I buy for the nest coming orders, how should I deco thses cakes and cupcakes, these things are okaying in my mind plus what shoukd I cook for dinner tonight too! Shucks, those shirts not ironed yet, photos not printed yet, stickers, flyers, all are still outstsnding...so much to do.....i have to take things easy, one thing at a time, slowly but surely, they will get done, and with oyur visit, always cheer me up Lee,

    truly a wonderful and memorable experience!

    Ciao Lee!