Friday, May 27, 2011

you'll never walk alone

this vanila 'ball' shaped cake with Liverpool themed , logos and jersey was delivered to a house in Lorong Peringgi, off Lorong Kg Pisang, to a 12 year old boy.

I bought this ball shaped cake pan for this cake, the order came all the way from Chennai via e-mails

She gave me a sample of the cake photo and wanted me to do exactly like the picture shown but of course, I didn't and wouldn't do exactly the same.

ordered the edible images from CT in Penang, thank you CT, and sorry ya, kak zue selalu order last minute, but she's always being nice and accepted the order, insyaAllah nanti nak order lagi. I thought I asked CT to print the jersey with the birthday boy's name on it and the number is his age and CT did a beautiful job!

thank you Aslamah in chennai, nice dealing with you

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