Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No 10 chocolate cake and brownies with ganache on top

Azrina is 10, dah besar dah Baby Azrina ni. ni last minute order so aunty decorate simple simple je ya.....

tetiba je terfikir nak buat cake bentuk 10 ni, just took the oval shaped cake pan for number one and used the round cake tin for "0" , just cut out the circle in the middle, and I got number '10' cake! Happy sweet 10th birthday Azrina, thank you Sis for alway supporting me, not just by ordering cakes for yor kids' birthdays but also for helping me out whenever i am in need of a few extra hands with my 'big' projects and other things too, , muaaahhh........

her SIL really took a liking to my brownies with walnut, not dusted with icing sugar but spread with the whole chocolatey and creamy ganache! her follow up order after the other one, less than a week ago. thank you farah

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