Wednesday, May 25, 2011

another red and white hantaran

the theme was red and white, from the same lady , for the same bride, but different flavour cake this time , it's chocolate cake, and slightly different deco. why? it was the wrong date!

She ordered these two jars of chocolate chip cookies to bring to Johor , one for makan2 in the car and one to give to her son or daughter? I am not sure, but anyway, it is not meant to be , she did went to Johor but she forgot to collect them, tak dak rezeki orang kata, nak jadi rezeki my other customer who came to collect her carrot walnut 'book' cake and my friend who came to visit us from Ampang. insyaallah kalau ada rezeki, it will be her rezeki .


  1. Hi Zue, very nice. Love the white colour.
    If free drop by, I have a cake I want you to take a look, my sidebar....
    Good for a laugh,
    Have a nice day.

  2. Zue, read your comment you bawa the weather, sore throat.
    Ask someone, hubby or you, go to a Chinese kedai obat, ask for that herbal tea called, 'Hor Yan hor'.
    It is very good. Have already recommended to several ladies, they say very good.

    This bila badan panas, rasa ta'sedap....minum panas, satu pagi, satu malam, you'll be fine. Make sure made in Ipoh, Perak, not the HK one.
    Origin Ipoh.
    Hope you feel better your comment.

  3. Lee, thank you for your concern and your thoughfulness, hubby outstation and I have cakes to deco, I will try the shop tomorrow but i am not a big fan of herbal tea lah Lee, how meh?

    will visit you soon, thanx for dropping by, always suka hati you come over

  4. Hi Zue, how you today? Hope you feeling good.
    Okay, ta'suka herbal tea.....minum Chinese green tea. 5 cups a day, you'll feel the glow come back, ha ha.
    You stay easy, don't overstrain....

    Psssssst, maybe you in the family way? Baby coming?
    Arhaaaaa ha ha ha.

  5. good morning Lee! my morning but your night:)
    Woke up quite late today since school holiday has started, no need to send kids to school, the next cake pick up is at 5 pm so I thought I'd give myself an extra hours of sleep and rest. the throat still sores and a bit painful whenever I try to talk.
    mmmmm...that chinese green tea, do i add sugar in it or not? cos I only know 'Ahmad' srawberry tea, besides the usual Lipton or Boh tea and i normally add some sugar in it.
    will try to get some later today, following Dr Lee's advise:-)
    baby coming? no no nooooo!At this age, don't think so, no energy to stay up late to make susu for baby or changing diapers, people might mistake me for a granny when I send this 'baby' to school seven years later on...hehe.....
    you so cheeky Lee!
    have a nice night!
    Ciao!and thank you for your concern.