Thursday, May 5, 2011

S.O.S..can you do it.....

I thought the pink love birds were my last cake for the marathon, and I thought wrong. I was in the midst of a dilema, to go or not to go.The kids had school on Monday, not a public holiday like the people outside Kedah ( who replaced the Labour Day holiday on Monday), and if I were to go, should I drive, or take a bus or take a flight? So many options, but not so much energy to even bring myself to do the packing. After the last cake was picked up, I decided to have a good rest, a few hours of sleep should rev up my energy, to re-charge it, and so I left my kitchen as it was ( messy.......and chaotic, ribbons, boxes, flowers, measuring spoons and cups,apron, kitchen towels, are all over the kitchen, on the counter, in the snk, on the tables, not just one table,in the wet kitchen, and the dry one too, ) went upstairs, climbed up the bed and soon oblivious to my surrounding.Boy was I tired!

After a few hours of rest which didn't help much in re-charging my battery, reality sank in, I had to face my 'workstation' aka my little cekmekzue's kitchen to do some cleaning up, ribbons and flowers back into their boxes and drawers, mixing bowls, spatulas,cake tins, paper cups, etc, etc.......and not long after that I received a phone call,

"Kak Zue, where are you?"
o.o.o....I know that tone, I know that question and I know where this conversation is going.....

"I promised a friend to give her a box of cake for her wedding , unforunately something came up ( which I wouldn't disclose here) and I really would appreciate it if you could make me a box of cupcakes..simple deco will do cos this is kinda short notice". short a notice are we talking about here?
tonight? okay..okay...latest tomorrow morning also can, but please, can you do it.....

that conversation took place at about five pm and by eight, I had the box of pink and white simple deco vanila cupcakes ready for her.Was she glad that I could make it for her, yes she did and was I glad that I could help out a person in need? Yes I did, and I guess this was the reason why I did not go for my gathering , somebody somewhere needed my cupcakes and it has already written, that, Zuriani, you are not going to PD because somebody will call you up at the very last minute for a box of pink and white vanilla cupcakes. Fate, that's what it is and all things happen for a reason.

Yes, I did not go and yes, my friends who went had a wondeful time but InsyaAllah there will be other gatherings and insyaAllah too, I will be there.

thank you Sarina , hopefully you are feeling much better now after that unfortunate incident in your kitchen.


  1. Salam. I am just wondering, the reunion which you were supposed to attend in PD tu... reunion pelajar politeknik ke?

  2. dear harsaamylia,
    thanx for dropping by my was a reunion for my batch, from our old school in Jalan Larkin, Johor Bharu. lama dah tinggal sekolah tu tapi thru FB we got closer again and decided to bergather-gather....have a nice day

  3. Hello Zue, here's wishing you a very happy mother's day.
    Best regards, you stay young,