Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's gonna work......TEAMWORK....

not too short a notice but not too long either, she left it to me, to deco a birthday cake for her six years old daughter

I asked her what her daughter likes most and she replied, "Wonder Pets"

of course I knew who they were, i made one Wonder pets birthday cake last year, for my nephew , but somehow this time, I was really blur....didn't quite know how and where to start until the last minute



penting.......what's gonna work.....


I am glad that ita was pleased when she she saw the cake and hope Nisa' would be too, Happy 6th birthday Nisa' and thank you Ita for trusting me with your daughter's birthday cake


  1. Hi Zue, you sure one ideas lady. Very creative, and at a short moment's notice can come out with this creative handiwork.
    Well done!
    By the way, I bet the store you buy your cake ingredients sure roll out red carpet see you come, ha ha.
    Have fun and keep well.

  2. Hello Lee!
    Always suka hati you come visiting, been busy hese past few days, you know what I need at te moment? a good massage but didn't even have the time to go and get a good massage.but busy is good.
    hey, thank yu Lee for the ever so nice words, I did what I could, and yes, imaginary red carpet was rolled whenever I went there, every day or two, just drop in for a few blocks of butter, or flour, sometimes I just asked my kids to go, very near our house, fortunately for me.
    Can hardly open my eyes but still has five cakes to deco!am yawning as I am writing this...
    I am having fun, yes, despite feeling sleepy, you keep well too Lee!take good care of Mrs Lee too!