Monday, May 16, 2011


only you could chase the blues away,
only you could make the sky blue
only you could make my heart skip a beat
only you .......just you....

Barcelona FC must be his favourite football team and so this box of blue and red cupcakes was delivered to its rightful owner residing in a house by the road to Kuala Ledah, only that he was not in but his father was.......jeng jeng jeng...... no worries, he knew.
When I said that I have something for his son, from a friend and he said,
"from Kuala nerang?"
mission accomplished, making one lady in Kuala Nerang happy. thank you Alyn.

a set of sixteen vanilla cupcakes with buttercream roses for a wedding hantaran. Thank you J.Always a pleasure dealing with you, a person who truly understands what I am doing

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