Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The day a cake was delivered to my house......

when my sister told me that they , she and my parents would be coming over this weekend, I thought this year I could celebrate the day with my parents and my sister but they had to leave, so after they left, I sat back on the sofa and thought of a new recipe I would try since my calendar was clear for May 22nd until I received a call

she was referred to me by another baker in SP, Jie of SPC, and she required a set of cupcakes to congratulate her friends who had just graduated, and she wanted it the next morning, at 8 am. Well, since I was free, and had no major plans for my 'special' day, I said 'yes' and yes, the next day, she came to collect the cupcakes at 8 am, I was only relieved that I managed to complete them on time .thank you akmar

this set was for an 11 year old boy and her mum picked them up at 1 noon as promised, the third call or sms that I received the day before ( after the 'book ' cake order ). thank you Zu and happy 11th bday Lukman, who shares the same birthdate as mine.

just when I thought I only had three orders for may 22nd, I received a call that very morning, and the voice on the other end of the line knew that the only cake that she could order and get as early as 1 noon on the same day was either the brownies or marble cheese brownies. Therefore, while finishing up the above chocolate cucpakes for Lukman, I baked this brownies in between whilst the carrot walnut 'book' cake was put on hold first since it was only due for collection at night. Thank you Azira

As I was preparing, baking and decorating these cakes, i still didn't have 'my' birthday cake, friends had been asking via FB if i am making my own cake, if my cakes was special, well sorry to disappoint, I didn't get to bake my own cake!

this chocolate cake was collected after five, it was not even in the order list, but I received the call on the same morning, jus few minutes after the 'brownies' call. It was for her husband who celebrated his birthday previous day, just a simple golf theme cake for this golf lover birthday man. though she knew that her hubby is not much of a cake person, but she just wanted to make one for him anyway:-)

this was the sms I received that night:

my hubby very happy with the golf deco chocolate cake.Tq tq tq, makan juga a slice.

glad to know:-)

and she added:

my hubby said chocolate cake is not so sweet, rasa cocoa, and that's why he ate it.

thank you Nik

suddenly, the doorbell rang, when i asked who it was, he said," I am delivering a cake"

What? did I hear it right?

normally , people came to collect the cakes 'from' me or I would be delivering cakes 'for' them, but there it was, 'my' birthday cake....
( which I didn't get to eat until after 12 midnite, )

the last pick up for the day, a 2kg plus plus carrot walnut cake with cream cheese frosting in the shape of a book for a "Teachers' Day' celebration at her school. the third order that I recived the day beore my birthday.thank you farah.

there you go, from nil to five cakes in a day, I am happy if the recepients are happy, they too want to celebrate their birthdays, I am blessed. thank you

by the time, the last cake was collected, i was already 'bushed', less than two hours before it went into another day, my birthday cake was still in the fridge, untouched and the box unopened yet.But we did go out for dinner and a few minutes past midnite, we finally cut the cake. It was not a big day, a birthday celebration is just like any other days, you just remember it as a reminder that you are just a year older and hopefully a year wiser, after all , age is just a are as young or as old as how you would think

Thank you to all the well wishers from my friends, via the facebook too.


  1. Hello Zue, you are like Wonder Woman, and Mission Impossible hero all in one....can come out with your masterpieces at a moments notice....without a sweat or lintang pukang.
    Comes with experience, I guess.
    And as usual the cupcakes looks simply gorgeous, too good to masuk mulut...
    Then again, masuk satu nak dua, ha ha.
    Have fun and stay easy.
    ps, glad to see your comment box okay.
    Mine has disappeared. Blog ada hiccups!

  2. nasib baik wonder woman, bukan wonder Pets! hehe.....
    no lah Lee, wonder woman I a not, nor am I MI hero,without a sweat you said, that's right cos I have a 2 horse power air cond blasting right in my face in my kitchen!
    in just a few minutes, i am going to start with my 30 brownies marathon plus other orders too! on my mark, get set go.......

    see you! no wonder I couldn't get in when I tried to write a comment