Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tahniah Kakwi Strawberries cheesecake

she loves oreo..... , her sister does. She wanted the base with oreo but asked me if I could use the baked cheesecake on top since chilled oreo cheesecake version is a bit out of the question since she would be travelling by bus to SP. I was afraid that should there be any delays, the chilled oreo chocolate cheesecake wouldn't survive the journey, so I tried a new version here, plain bake with oreo base

A sister wanted to cleberate with her family her youngers sister's excellent result in the SPM, so she ordered this cheesecake, with chocolate topping and strawberries, an additionl message, please glaze with more chocolate on top of the strawberries. Speaking of strawberries, it's just her luck cos when I went to G*ant, it was the last box of strawberries. I had to take it cos it's a bit time consuming if I were to check out at the other stores. I had to settle with that last box.

i do hope the cheesecake turned out alright because I had never done this version before. Perhaps I should check out other recipes and versions too. so that I would have more choices and options.

in the middle, just cut out pink fondant and chocolate fondant and lastly a piece of white fondant with the SPM results, plus a scroll and a graduation hat just to symbolise that she had completed her secondary school and would be going to further her studies as university students and different lifestyle of studying , where school uniforms don't apply anymore.
Haziqah, thank you for trustingme with this cheesecake and the lovely comments which I received via sms.

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