Thursday, March 4, 2010

pu3's OCC

very simple deco for pu3's sister's birthday.

chilled oreo chocolate cheesecake, as it is...with chocolate grated and dusted with cocoa powder.
Thank you pu3@ Puteri, very cute, at first I was wondering what 'pu3' is when she wrote it in her sms and after realising that her name is puteri liyana then only i could figure out that' pu3' is for 'puteri'. sometimes when i read the emails or messages on tv with all the short forms i just didn't understand them , these modern computer age kids, they are so advanced and so IT savvy.
I met pu3 in my facebook, she first wrote and enquired about my OCC in the FB and finally decided to order it, after getting a recommendation from Ti.Thank you Ti for introducing and giving positive comments about my OCC to pu3. After meeting her yesterday, then only I knew that we had met before, yes, that was before I decided to leave the corporate world, the 9 to 5 job that I 've had for the past 16 years.
pu3 voiced her interest in learning how to deco cupcakes and hopefully we can do it soon. I would set a date for cupcake deco class soon. anyone interested can leave messages in my emails.
Thank you puteri for ordering my OCC for your sister's birthday. may she have a wonderful birthday today and success will be hers too in her coming PMR exam.

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