Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Deen and Wanie's engagement cake

"kak Zue buat warna merah hati kay cos the theme is merah hati and white".

merah hati......what should I mix to get that colour. I don't think they have that colour readily unlike pink, red, burgundy, rose, etc....after a few trial and errors I think I finally got the right cololur, I think this is 'merah hati' cos it looks the same as the flower that Tini showed me that day as an example of 'merah hati'.

"kak Zue buat bunga ros penuh kat atas tu and write their names and she wrote down the names, to make sure that I got it right. You have to make sure that you get the names right, of course. I always get people spelt my name wrongly. It happened most of the time, instead of Zuriani they would spelt it Zuraini. It upset me alright when that happens but when it happens every so often, I had gotten used to it. It bothers me less now.
Tini ordered the cake the day she picked up her cousin's K and S' blue and white theme wedding hantaran cake and she wanted to collect this cake the next day! Bertuah sungguh adik-adik saya ni, suka buat kakak dia ni terkezut.....but alhamdulillah whenever I could, I would make them.
thanks tini for your support and to Deen, Tini's brother,'Selamat Bertunang' with the Perak lass. Bila dah bertunang tu, jangan lama2, sebab darah tu manis....


  1. hai kak min!
    thank you ever so much for the warm compliment, and for visiting my blog.take care!