Monday, March 8, 2010

nak makan makan je.....

"helloooooo"the sweet chirpy familiar voice on the other end of the line.

"whatcha doin?" was the question and I was sure I knew what the next question would be:-)

not much, just having a plate of fried bihun at Batrisysia's class, while waiting for the few others to arrive for the meeting.what meeting? I haven't told you that I am one of the AJK waris for my daughter's preschool, have I? .well. it's good to be out of the house and meet people once in a while (besides the cake loving people)

why do fried bihun outside, especially the ones made for meetings, kenduris or jamuan always taste the same, not the same negative taste but tasty, I quite like the taste, with few pieces of daging cut into small chunks. I never can quite make bihun like that. Mine always taste differently, different but nice my kind of version way.
"nak order cupcakes, nak makan-makan je, then she dropped the bombshell....
nak ambik petang ni....
it's almost 1 pm, the meeting had not taken place yet because a few still had not turned up, so while munching the bihun goreng, ( kids, please don't do this at home, speaking with your mouth full...hehe... as I have always said to batrisyia....) , I said yes to my sweet Linda, okay dear, but not too soon, not before six.
The meeting started and we discussed the plan for the kids for the whole year, gotong royong, carnival, school trips, birthday bash, graduation just a few programmes suggested .By 2.30 plus plus, i reached home, ameer was already back from school.
Linda came to collect her 'makan2' chocolate cuppies after six as promised. Thank you so much Linda who has always been my regular customer, one of the earliest who supports my venture. She also wanted the sliced oreo chocolate cheesecake, which I made earlier.....that one was on the house, dear. Hope everyone will enjoy the chocolate cuppies.

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