Monday, March 22, 2010

"Queen of our Hearts"

They left it to me for the wordings, not that they didn't know what to say but they have so many beautiful words to describe their mum and their feelings for her, it's undescribable, beyond words, so many vocabularies and adjectives to be used.
Therefore, I placed myself in their shoes, three pairs of shoes to be exact.....hehe, three beautiful girls, most probably my size wouldn't fit them, me with a size 3 or 35, but doesn't matter, my umi started came to mind, she's wonderful umi and I expressed on the cakes how I would have felt for my mum.
She's the GREATEST MAMA IN THE WWW.......... Whole Wide World!

This message came from three cute pinky bears to wish their MAMA BEAR, a very Happy birthday, just to show how much their love and affection for her

for she is " The Queen of their Hearts"


are just two out of endless list of words to describe a mum and this mum was no exception.

We Love U Mama....

this package of chocolate cake in a transparent box, with ganache on top and in between , with fondant deco , complete with pink and red ribbon plus a white mother butterfly and her three pink little ones was delivered to mum's office, as a surprise birthday cake for her and it was the girls' wishes , for their mum to share the cake with her officemates.I arrived in front of her office building at exactly 10.04 am as per the parking receipt and lady luck, or rather Allah MAha Besar which made my work easy or me, was smiling on me this morning for there was a vacant parking spot right, well almost infront of the office building, making it asier for me to carry the cake inside..
went up to the first floor where she was located. i wasn't ready for her reaction. She was overwhelmed by her daughters' gesture, maybe it was the least expected, or she was't expecting it and it took her by surprise.
tears welled in her eyes as she couldn't contain her emotions any longer and so i gave her a hug,they were not tears of sadness but more of joy , of unexpectedness and I hear myself saying " you have great kids and they all love you very much". I know that she loves her daughters as much, maybe more, and they are blessed to have each other in happiness and sorrow. Will my kids do the same for me? then again, who would bake and deco the cake?hmmmmmmmm........:-)
Areena, Adila and Ain, thank you for trusting Aunty Zue to make this birthday cake , a birthday cake 'to show the love of the daughters for their mother' as they put it in their sms and surprise your mama.I am blessed to have this three wonderful girls and their equally wonderful mum as my neighbour. Areena gave her approval look when she came to have a peek at the half decorated cake this morning."Aunty!.....comelnyer......." I could consider that as a compliment too:-)
Kak Bahyah, many happy returns of the day. Age, just like the candles on the cake, no matter how many or how few they are, they are just numbers. It's up to us to make the most of our lives, live life to the fullest, live beautifully, healthily and sincerely, insyaAllah, we'll be blessed.Semoga panjang umur dimurahkan rezeki.

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