Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lela and Boy part one

two love birds in the pink and white garden of cupcakes

" Sesungguhnya apabila suami menatap isterinya,
dan isterinya membalas pandangan ( dengan penuh kasih sayang)
maka Allah menatap mereka dengan pandangan kasih mesra
dan jika suami membelai tangan isterinya maka dosa mereka jatuh berguguran di sela-seli mereka"
(Diriwayatkan oleh Maisarah Bin Ali bari Said Al-Khubri)

write-up on the invitation card

oh di mana mustika hati....haaa, chak....duk ngendap sapa tu.....

L an

Lela and Boy on cupcakes for the pink and white set

Brownies with walnut with the initials L and B with purple hearts.

Lela and Boy for the purple and white set

simple but sweet.

the glass , ready for the purple and hite set

purple and white

prepared the 'bekas for the pink and white set

i tried to make the fondant flowers to match with the crystal deco.
2nd january, she came to my house with someone I knew from my previous jobs, this someone, we were in the same line, banking , somehow our paths crossed again, after both of us quit our jobs, and both of us are doing what both of us are passionate about, baking, she and her kek kukus and prune cakes , me and cheesecakes and cake deco.She introduced me to Lela and that date Lela came with a big 'hajat', wanted me to prepare the cakes or cupcakes for her special day which was scheduled to be held in March. My mission to make her cupcakes with the 'bakul' and 'glass' design started then. I started searching for the suitable deco, flowers, ribbons, etc and I went as far as Penang to get the right materials (taklah jauh sangat, Penang je....hehe.....) and the result was , to me.....breathless, especially the pink and white set with the two birds among the cupcakes....so sayang for me to let go. Thankfully, those were the same reaction I received from Lela and Balqis and all my worries are gone. I'll continue with Part Two later. Some cleaning and clearing need to be done after last night's work.
I hope the cupcakes and brownies will reach their destination, in Kota Tinggi, safe and sound together with the bride, meanwhile, whilst Lela is counting the hours to her big day, me, will be counting the hours for my other half to come back. I'm missing him already, though he's only a few hundred kms away from us.

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